Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reflection about visiting the house of blues.

Before I visiting the blues house, I guessed It would be boring. However The musicians who played music on the stage introduced various blues's aspects to us with differnt instruments and performance. the MC expained about from background of blues to how blues music infulenced other genre of music.she led audience to enjoy the music togather with claping and keeping the beat by tapping.It was totally different than I thought It must be boring. Audience jump into the floor was located in front of the stage and grooved to the music of the band the end of the performance.It was pretty impressed and I thought It is pop music that people repond to the music and to enjoy it. It was really amazing experience people can communicate and repond through music. I think that's why people want to go concert to feel free !! :)

Listen to this playlist: Jason Mraz

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My favorite songs are Jason Muraz's songs.Especially, I like this song,Life is wonderful,He said this song is one of favorite songs He has ever witten.The song told us the life is wonderful even if it makes us to be tough and hard. This song seemed to bring cheer to me when I despair of something. He was also nominated in gramy awards as a singer song writer. when I listen his songs,I feel like listening a lyrical poem.Lyrics of this song look like simple but It helps me to commune with life that we are living. yes! Life is wonderful and Life is full circle! whenever I listen this song, I can feel like he is wispering in my ears like that.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the dance-garth brooks

my music genre : country music

Country music (or Country and Western) is a blend of traditional and popular musical forms traditionally found in the Southern United States and the Canadian Maritimes that evolved rapidly beginning in the 1920s.Distinctive variations of the genre have also emerged elsewhere including Australian country music.

country music gained popularity in the 1940s when the earlier term hillbilly music came to be seen as denigrating. Country music was widely embraced in the 1970s, while country and Western has declined in use since that time, except in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it is still commonly used.However, in the Southwestern United States a different mix of ethnic groups created the music that became the Western music of the term Country and Western. The term country music is used today to describe many styles and subgenres.

Country music has produced two of the top selling solo artists of all time. Elvis Presley, who was known early on as “the Hillbilly Cat” and was a regular on the radio program Louisiana Hayride,went on to become a defining figure in the emergence of rock and roll. With 129.5 million albums sold, Presley is the top-domestic-selling solo artist in U.S. history. Contemporary musician Garth Brooks, with 128 million albums sold, is the second best-selling solo artist in U.S. history.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Reflection 2

I had studied about pop culture in last lecture. While I was studying, at first, I wonder why we need to learn about pop culture and what pop culture is. This lecture helped me to understand it. We had presentation about fad and pop star who gave me influence. While I was preparing for this presentation, I could found something it. I have lived in pop culture and given a lot of influenced. I read definition of pop culture in book. Pop culture is made up of all the objects, people, events, and places to which most of us readily relate and which comprise a society at any given time, past or present. I think It means pop culture reflect our life in society.

My A-ha moment is that I realized about pop culture. I just know that culture is high culture. But I’ve already had many experiences through various activities in society. Especially, pop culture is so close to people. That’s why I seemed not to feel. Pop culture is like one of life in our life.
I’d like to express that pop culture is like my life. I am living in pop culture. I read a newspaper, watch TV, listen pop songs and I am studying in school. Maybe, I got positive and negative influence at the same time. I have seen a lot of big events so far. I read about pop culture is not fixed in time. I agree the explanation about pop culture through my experience.

Actually, pop culture is too huge department like I told “my life”. When I read introduction for students, it is hard to understand about explaining Shakespeare. I thought that Shakespeare was also pop culture in that time. It is hard to connect to definition of pop culture perfectly. I guess the writer wanted to give students example to show definition of pop culture. Anyway, I agree pop culture is like a mirror to reflect our values and preferences in society. It is good for me to study this class.

First, I’ve already written in my first reflection. At first, I did not know why I need to do many activities for this class. Now I can feel why you gave assignments like presentations about fad and pop stars. I was really fun to prepare for my presentation and I was good chance to think about pop culture and me.

My pop star- Britney Spears

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fad - Mini Skirt in 1960's

By 1966 Mary Quant was producing short waist skimming mini dresses and skirts that were set 6 or 7 inches above the knee. It would not be right to suggest she invented the fashion mini skirt. In 1965 she took the idea from the 1964 designs by Courrèges and liking the shorter styles she made them even shorter for her boutique Bazaar. She is rightly credited with making popular a style that had not taken off when it made its earlier debut.

Mini Skirt PictureQuant found London girls seeking newness only too willing to try her new daring short mini skirt. The fashion trend took off because it was so different and to wear it well you had to be youthful to get away with an outfit that was so controversial, particularly among adults. The Quant style was soon known as the Chelsea Look

When I looked up this information about miniskirt,I was surprised because I compared to the time mini skirt was popular in Korea. A woman,who was a famous singer in Korea around 1980. when she wore a mini skirt at first, It was big issue.

I think mini skirt was fad in 1960. now It seems like trend because It have been worn till now. :)